Here’s a way to pass new music on to your friends and show off your love of crappy ’80s retro: Embed the Rifflet Widget on Facebook, MySpace, LiveSpaces or whatever other page you not-getting-off-my-lawn kids like to visit.

Our widget, which is powered by the very cool (and free) Sprout Builder, has 1-click additions for pretty much every social media site you can think of, and a few that no one is thinking about (I’m looking at you, NetVibes.)

If you want to see it in action, head to the bottom of this page.

The idea is that the widget is a monthly snapshot of the best of Rifflet; each month, we’ll pick some new (or old but awesome) rifflets. Your widget will be automatically updated with the new songs, so you’ll have new music on your page without having to do anything.

Did I mention it has a cassette on it? It’s practically a signifier in a box.

If you have your own site, or you don’t trust automation, you can copy the following code into the appropriate location: